Who Am I?

My Name is Kaley, 

A musician, singer and thinker from Israel.
Born in New York, USA.
At the age of six my family moved to Israel and I was raised in a small city in the Judean desert.

Music, people and spirituality have been my passions from a very young age. As I grew up I pursued them, studying at a Jewish school for the arts and specializing in voice. Alongside volunteering and working in everything people. Youth groups, overseas programs, community centers and more.
 Naturally I decided to get my degree in Music Education- so i could share the blessing of music with as many people as possible.


My songs are prayers that I've collected and created from my life experiences and inspired by the ancient words of my culture.

Now I live in Jaffa, a mixed neighborhood in Tel Aviv with my husband and three children.
Singing, writing, creating and leading the arts program in the local Jewish school, performing and leading workshops and singing circles.
My first album of original music "Kan"(Here) is out now. Influenced by my American background, my Jewish faith, and the Global Village we all live in.

From The Press:

Community Musician
Music Teacher
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